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    Order and material management
    SitePilot Line Management
    Sitepilot Line Management

      Optimum planning and parameterisation of your filling line

      SitePilot Line Management puts the coordination of the entire filling and packaging process from a central position into your hands – from the definition of the production route based on the order to the labelling of the pallets.
      Line Management provides a continuous flow of information, from production planning right through to the order for the line and individual machine. To do so, the software considers your line to be a coherent system with production orders but not a row of isolated individual machines.

      At a glance

      With Line Management you can

      • optimally coordinate and process all orders in the filling and packaging area.
      • reduce manual intervention, as the system takes over communicative and monitoring tasks.
      • integrate label printers and coding devices into the line in order to automatically print important product information and best-by dates.
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      Brochure SitePilot Line Management
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      How Line Management works

      • Processing of individual orders with different batch sizes and short reaction times
      • Online routing: Changes the route of the product within the line while the order is already in progress
      • Ends orders based on efficiency (precise to the tank/bottle or number of units)
      • Validates the materials used for optimum trackability
      • Supplies all lines and machines involved in the order (including printers and coding devices) with specific parameters
      • Standardised interface for the connection of any third party machine
      • Organises highly flexible production lines, even over multiple lines (for different products or routes)
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      Our standard solution: Full version of Line Management

      The full version of Line Management contains the following software modules*:

      • Order Management
      • Order Execution
      • Material Management (incl. Material Management app [MM App] for scanners)
      • Reporting


      * Without licence for third-party machines

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      MM App running on a scanner (illustration is an example).

      Providing support in all areas of production


      • Guides and supports order processing
      • Controls and automates the material requests
      • Prevents material mix-ups
      • Reduces manual intervention
      • Automates the adjustment of label printers and coding devices


      • Provides support to achieve optimum order co-ordination and processing, even in order changes
      • Makes a flying changeover possible
      • Simplifies route selection
      • Optimises the cleaning effort required


      • Supports different batch sizes and frequent order changes
      • Makes short reaction times possible
      • Reduces product and material losses
      • Avoids mistakes during night and weekend shifts
      • Allows batch-specific recording and tracking


      The Line Management summarises several orders and you benefit from reduced product change-over, conversion and cleaning times.

      Quality assurance
      Line Management helps to reduce your fault potential to a minimum and raise your quality and efficiency to a maximum level.

      Saving production costs
      You optimise your consumption of resources by requesting all processing and operating materials always at the correct time.

      Line availability
      You benefit from maximum capacity utilisation of your line through parallel order processing, batch aggregation and order and batch changes on-the-fly.

      Line Management convinces due to its clear operator guidance and a reduced manual workload.

      Product reliability
      The software exactly records the production processes for each batch. You can exactly trace back each individual batch, even within quite complex product lines.

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