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    Asset Management System
    Share2Act Assistance
    Share2Act Assistance

      Your maintenance support

      Regular maintenance prevents the occurrence of malfunctions –and thus expensive production downtimes. Assistance optimises and simplifies the regular maintenance of your machines, lines or plants, thus allowing all of the maintenance work due in production to be organised, monitored and documented.

      At a glance

      • Optimisation and facilitation of regular maintenance on your machines, lines and plants
      • Organisation, monitoring and documentation of all of the maintenance work needed in production
      • Creation of maintenance tasks and prompt supply of corresponding information and messages
      • Management of maintenance-relevant spare parts
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      Brochure Assistance
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      Assistance – features

      • 1. Assistance MM (Maintenance Management)
        1. Assistance MM (Maintenance Management)

        This tool helps you set up maintenance and repair orders while quickly supplying the corresponding information and messages.

        • Machine-specific maintenance overview
        • Divided up into periodic and unplanned tasks
        • Job history
        • References to standard operating procedures (SOPs), spare parts and users
        • Scheduling
        • User-related confirmation of performed tasks
        • QR code for maintenance schedules*
        • User assignment to maintenance tasks*
        • Information dashboard and overview of costs (costs at machine level)*
        • Processing reports*
        • Overview of maintenance-relevant spare parts*
        • Transfer comments and maintenance queries*
        • Labels and definition of own maintenance types*

        * Expansion stage “Plus”

      • 2. Assistance SP (Spare Parts)
        2. Assistance SP (Spare Parts)

        You can organise the spare parts relevant for maintenance and repair work, identify the related costs and order the parts if necessary.

        • Management of master data
        • Reference to warehouse storage locations and inventories
        • Inventory visualisation
        • Definition of a warehouse structure*
        • Addresses and suppliers
        • Generating orders*
        • Reserving required materials*
        • Inventory lists*
        • Link to*
        • ERP interface*

        * Expansion stage “Plus”

      Providing support in all areas of production
      Maintenance team
      Maintenance team


      • Overview of pending and outstanding tasks
      • Direct documentation of work already performed
      • Direct access to the SOPs and information database
      • Access from mobile devices
      Maintenance managers
      Maintenance managers


      • Dashboard for displaying the maintenance situation
      • Optimisation of costs, working capital and work load
      • Team-based, flexible assignment of jobs


      Assistance system
      Work with a comprehensive tool which helps you to manage, monitor and document your maintenance tasks and resources.

      Benefit from the tool’s user-friendliness which focusses on the most important content and functions and provides you with an immediate overview.

      Further development based on existing information
      If a KAM (Krones Asset Management) system is already in use, the data contained there can be transferred.

      Job assignment
      Distribute the workload created by maintenance equally among all team members.

      Always keep the condition of your machinery in your line of vision and react systematically to malfunctions. This allows you to reduce unplanned downtimes, avoid additional costs and ultimately increase your efficiency.

      Immediate start-up
      Integrate equipment-specific maintenance information directly into the system beforehand and start up immediately.

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